How To Import Your Bike To NZ

Importing Your Motorcycle Steps

  • Get In Touch Via Email

    Let us know what bike(s) you are interested in. Any model is OK. Ducati, Triumph, Aprilia and KTM are also available. bikes(@)

  • Feedback

    We will compile a portfolio of pricing for the bike models specified by you. This will include examples of historic pricing so you can get a feel for the cost to get your bike bought at auction.

  • Auctions

    Auctions are Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. We will email you examples of available bikes that you are interested in. Each bike will have description of flaws and pictures of the bike. There might even be a video of it.

  • Bidding

    If you have decided to bid on a bike we can proceed to place your bid on behalf of you. If you are undecided about a bike then we can request more information or even set a condition to bid or not bid in case something is wrong with the bike.
    We will let you know by the end of the day or next morning if your bid was sucessful. If the bid was not sucessful we go back to Step 3 and email you more examples what will be available in upcoming auctions. Don't be discouraged if you don't succeed at the first try, we can just keep going.

  • Shipping

    Once the bike is bought we will then pick up your bike and prepare for shipping to NZ. Shipping to NZ can take anywhere between 2 to 3 months. Mostly it's less than that. At this stage we request you pay a 10% deposit on the value of the bike.

  • Landing

    Your bike will be landing in the Auckland port. From there it needs clear customs and pay import duties. Please see the below section on 'COSTS' for a breakdown of every cost involved.

  • Compliance

    We will get the bike complied and registered on your behalf so that you can ride it on New Zealand roads. Please see 'COSTS' below for a breakdown.


1. Bike purchase price at auction
2. Shipping, MAF and LTSA costs in Japan [ NZD$450 ]
3. GST when landed in NZ @ 15% of purchase and shipping price
4. Compliance [NZD$150]
5. On Road Costs (Registration and License) [between NZD$250 and $350 for 6 months] depending on motorcycle engine size.