Terms and Conditions

The Fine Print

Terms And Conditions

  1. Sugo Motorcycles will supply the client with all relevant information regarding a potential motorcycle purchase. This information includes everything relevant to the condition of the motorcycle as well as any defects. This may be in the form of pictures and/or physical description.
  2. The information is supplied by a third party and Sugo Motorcycles will pass the information on to the client as is without alteration.
  3. This information is used by the client to make an informed decision regarding the purchase of the motorcycle.
  4. Sugo Motorcycles cannot be held responsible for any defects or undisclosed issues once the client has taken delivery of the motorcycle.
  5. Sugo Motorcycles can and will help with compliance in NZ - the client remains responsible for all costs related to repairs or replacement parts needed for the motorcycle to comply with NZ compliance standards.